Recycled Alternative
for the Eco - Friendly

Operating out of Las Vegas, NV since 2011, Bizy Bee's Creations offers the latest in innovative, bold and creative designs.

Our products use recycled re-purposed unique fabrics and textiles all obtained from local thrift stores, garage sales and occasional donations. Our products are designed for home, school or the beach. Bizy Bee's innovative product idea came from two simple thoughts, being able to take a shopping tote to the mall, market, or grocery store without using plastic or paper and being able to reuse the tote for just about any occasion.

Not only are Bizy Bee's shopping totes stylish and eco-friendly they are actually designed to slide onto the grocery store's plastic bag rack. Our bags come with a specially designed tab that once it has been placed onto the rack, will stay upright when being filled. Our one, two and sometimes three of a kind shopping totes come with a wide strap so they don't dig into your shoulders or arms while being carried. They have a long strap so they can be worn across the body or off the shoulder. They have also been designed to fit most wheel chairs and walkers. Whether you're just making a quick run to your local grocery store or you're off to the office, Bizy Bee's Creations are made with the bizy person in mind. Our totes are designed with convenience in mind and can be thrown in the washer and dryer for years of long-lasting use.

We are proud to say all of our products at Bizy Bee's Creations are entirely

"Made in the USA"

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